Hitting the Ground Running

And we’re (I’m) back! To your Not-So-Regular-Wish-They-Were-Regular-I’m-Trying Scheduling!

Ah, my final fall semester before I graduate has officially kicked off. And none of my teachers are wasting any time to assign major projects. 

I’m hitting the ground running trying extra hard to keep the stress levels low. I should be planning out next three-four months to stay organized with these major projects this weekend. Meanwhile, also being assigned small side projects. Like the screenplay below that my Intermediate Screenwriting class was assigned. This one is basically assigned as a warm-up before writing a different major project. 


A few influences that sprung up in my writing:

  • a Raven, from this beautifully animated film based on Edgar Allan Poe tales I saw on Netflix a couple weeks ago titled, Extraordinary Tales. Each story was created with a different style of animation and they’re incredible. It also includes narration by Guillermo del Toro and Bela Lugosi!
  • On a completely different type of viewing, BoJack Horseman which was a weird show for me to watch. It took me until the second season to really get into it. And not gonna lie, sometimes I would watch just to get to the end credits so I can sing along to GroupLove.
  • My car broke down on me last week so the scene where he groans at his car was me still being annoyed about the inconvenience. Even though it could have been worse and I just needed to chill out. 
  • Karma and thinking about past lives and being angsty wondering why bad things are always happening literally at all times. But again I just need to chill out and think of the few good things that may still be happening around me, who knows. 


About the characters

  • Dweezle Smith
    • Dweezle’s name was made up in class after the teacher asked for an uncommon first name and the most common last name. Kind of funny how after we shared our stories to each other, it was noticeable how we all sort of came up with the same sort of character.  Just based on what his name is. Which proves my own theory that your name definitely makes up your character, mannerisms, looks, etcetera.
    • Dweezle is pretty rude, nerdy, and has more plant friends than human friends. He’s tall and lanky and has thick, clear eye glass frames. 
  • Ledge
    • Is half raven and half man. He’s also tall and thin. He wears a penguin tux that sort of makes him look like a super hero.
    • He was a Dweezle when he was younger/in one of his past lives. He was assigned to help out people like Dweezle by this council who wants society to be well-rounded and have good karma. To be allowed another life you have to correct your current life mistakes, otherwise the council will end your lives completely or assign you to immortality like Ledge.
    • The council turned Ledge into a Raven because Ledge tried to commit suicide (see last scene for *some insight/clues) by jumping off a building. So now he lives forever as a bird and helps others to well-round themselves.
  • Fern has more to come, her character still needs to be fleshed out. But I think quite a bit can come from her later.

This Future Lives law was created with good intentions, but like all things, not everything can be entirely good or bad. There’s always this grey area where laws will be created thinking it’ll help people, but really they become unrealistic and immoral themselves. 

This is still a rough-rough draft and I’m thinking of a new title, but otherwise here it is, Dweezle Smith.


Thanks for reading! See ya in a bit!


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