Inspiring Must-Read Film Related Books


A whole post dedicated to these books is here and much deserved. Going through these two gems was a breeze and absolutely enjoyable, all while being educational.

Your Screenplay Sucks! by William M. Akers
A quick and witty read that will give you that extra push to keep writing. William Akers makes screenwriting seem less daunting and more doable. His advice is easy to keep up with, his tips simple enough to remember, and his writing keeps you interested and alert. Personally this is my favorite type of writing. Writing that seems like the author themselves is speaking directly to you. Nonchalant and encouraging. The book is super simple to follow. It’s formatted in list form, like a check list, full of  great examples. Akers will remind you of the simplest tips to keep yourself in check so you’re chances aren’t ruined by easy-fix mistakes. If you’re interested in screenwriting and plan on sending your scripts out to production companies, I highly recommend this one and Akers’, a Lifetime Member of the Writers Guild of America, advice to help you clean up your script.

Moviemakers’ Master Class: Private Lessons From the World’s Foremost Directors by Laurent Tirard
Another quick and completely interesting read. Laurent Tirard went straight to some of today’s most influential directors and asked them a series of direct questions that leads you into the minds of how each director works. These questions follow an almost structured layout. Tirard asks each director (listed on the left side of the book’s front cover) what influences and inspires their craft. Then we learn how each director works. From how the directors works on set like their own rituals, to what they have learned along the way of their career, and some techniques they would never use on their work. This is such an amazing book because although Tirard interviewed quite a few directors in this 215 page book, you can still feel this connection with each reading. You are really able to learn first hand from these directors whether you take their advice or not.

I went through each copy so fast. They’re both one of those books you can pick up to re-read to refresh your memory every so often. Each book is encouraging and inspiring. I absolutely recommend  them to anyone interested in filmmaking.


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