Art Wander (2015)



Two years ago I put together a television idea, a tv bible, completely inspired by Frida Kahlo and her home, La Casa Azul. Located in Mexico City, the home she and Diego Rivera lived in that was later turned into a museum.

Art Wander is a four part mini-series that follows Samara and two of her friends, Ingrid and Frances. Samara is an art student receiving harsh critiques from her professor. To dig deep to find her style of work, she and her friends visit the home of Frida Kahlo, Austria to see Gustav Klimt’s work in person, and France to visit the home of Claude Monet to gather inspiration first hand.

These characters are college students on a budget, so they cut corners here and there on this trip, leading to some bumps along the way.

How I imagined it to look would be one stunning shot after another. I also imagined it streaming on PBS (because it would also be educational) and Netflix.

I’m sure Art Wander won’t be my only project inspired by Frida.




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