Week Of: Feb. 20th Inspiration

What I’ve been thinking about most this past week, and for a while now actually, has been something that is not immediately in view. Something that we can’t see with our own eyes, but something we can feel. And it’s definitely always around. Energies that is.

  • Vibrations
    • Those energies from someone that may then reach, touch, affect, and/or go through another.
  • Aurasaura.PNG
    • One day I’ll get my aura read. It just seems like a fun thing most people would like to do on a whim.
  • Crystals
    • I have a collection of crystals that I picked out when I was a kid. I had no idea that people used them for the stone’s specific reason, but I chose one of each at the store near this camp site my family visited every summer. And since I found the little bag I kept them in for years, I’ve finally laid them out so they could, I guess, breathe? I even bought a stick of sage to cleanse them regularly of the energies they may have collected. Although I’m not entirely sure what each one of them does, I do carry my rose quartz crystal around with me at times. It may be a placebo effect working on me, but I really do think it’s doing something.
  • Astrology charts
    • I’m definitely one of those people who are into astrology. Even though I pretend like I’m not all the time. It’s just not only about knowing your sun sign, there’s way more to it. I don’t believe in it dictating my life (i.e. career, relationships), but it’s a sort of fun guide to help you become self-aware of your actions and how you can change and mature for the better.

Keep an eye out for my next screenplay scene because I plan on expanding a bit more on these energies and why I think this placebo effect is working for me. I don’t have a complete idea yet (because I haven’t had a real moment to sit and think+relax) but it may end up being more personal than I’d like – says a real life crab.


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